Sunday, August 05, 2007


quiet streets

starting to get that not so fresh feeling again. i mean on the bike. i heard from the guys at the ada bike shop that the attendance was down this year. if its a sign that other people are feeling anything like me then i know why some others decided to pass on this one.

we had 5 jerseys in the race today. captain regan, mr. crawdaddy, william the magnificent, light legs tony gwin and myself. we started with 5 and ended with 2. i can say i was not one who was able to stay in. it was not pretty out there. the eatery at the top of ada bike shop was pretty though. especially with a nice cool oberon in hand.

the course was changed and i was excited to see what was different. i don't really care when things change drastically because i adapt well. they took out the main drag strip and ran us down a side street that ran parallel to the old course. throw in a nice chicane and turn us around in a backwards direction and i thought the course was just fine.

i was hoping that after last weekends death march that i would have a little something to give during this race. well i lasted a while but just didn't have it. and apparently a lot of other guys didn't have either. from the gun we were dumping riders about 3 or 4 a lap. finally it was my turn. no go. some people come around a little this time of year and others don't. brian sheedy is on since he put all of us in oxygen debt from the gun.

i'm a little bummed only because ada is a race i look forward to each year because it has a cool atmosphere and fun racing. this year it was a drive over and a drive back with a quick race in the middle. with so many new races on the calendar this year, this race will now take a back seat and another race will emerge as the fun race i look forward to each year. quick thinking is probably putting the gas light in the top spot but the big picture race will most certainly be anything in wisconsin at superweek. time to take some time to rest and prepare for the last grouping of racing for the road season.


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