Monday, July 02, 2007

travels to mini

the wed

RZ needed so much coffee he opted for the entire pot of coffee at the rehearsal dinner.

the quaint little town of stillwater minnesota was home to the wedding and to the unique starbucks building. glad that was around. obviously Rob needed more than just the coffee pot.

we found out that just 1 week before was the NRC Nature Valley Grand Prix race right where we were standing. the hill was 18% and 21%. you wouldn't believe it until you drove it. fucking cool.

uh who knows how many people had these pants on before us. it was comical to say the least.

secret service was in the house.

i guess when you're in the wedding is appropriate to make sure the vehicle is thoroughly trashed for the big ride to the reception.

it was so nice of the folks at men warehouse to include dress socks with the tuxes. they were so damn long that i attached my suspenders to them instead of my pants. and during the entire duration of the wedding they proceeded to cut our circulation and leave some great sock tattoos in our legs. pretty damn funny.


Blogger Joshua Tarrant said...

do you by any chance had Ray Dabowski's email or phone number?
Let me know.

Josh T.

9:39 AM  

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