Monday, June 11, 2007

cedar creek

still going

so we stayed the night in muskegon. i'm not sure if that ended up being a good idea or a mistake. it was a pretty shady hotel. some other riders were there so that was good.

an early start time forced us up and out of there which we were not complaining about thats for sure. it was a bit cloudy but i knew it would be a decent day. sure enough it cleared up and got warm. i had a good warm up and made it to the line for the radio check. the field was big. we rolled out and again within the first miles of the race i could tell i would be ok today. i just hate the days when nothing is there. i don't even remember how far into the race it was, maybe 1 or 2 laps or something. a small group slipped away quietly. they did a good job not getting noticed. i mean its not like the front of the race was all that chatty with move. the cool thing was we had tony in there. finkel got in there and so did ian lockley. i'm not sure who else. so this group gets a solid 3 minutes and no qty's of people were really coming to the front to bring anything back. i think all the major players were represented so we just sat in and closed down anything else that looked threatening. lathrup wasn't going up there. they had a guy, wolverine wasn't going up there, they had a guy, west coast was covered and southlyon had a guy and so did we. i guess essex brass or one of the other smaller teams not represented in the move should of put 4 or 5 guys on the front but they didn't. some single venom guy was dangling off the front all day for no reason. so for what seemed like a majority of the race we just covered little moves. priority? oh well. with 1 1/2 laps left i looked up the road and saw the group. i was sure they had it. either way we got them. on the last lap with a bit to go, clark and shoberg launched the perfect move. shoberg, clark 1, 2. the field sprint was a show from the sidelines i'm sure. coming into the straight, up the right side lathrup had a nice train going but it soon fell apart as things got pretty hot. i thought for a moment i would be able to contest, but in a field sprint of that size if you're not near 95 or 100% for the sprint it is best to stay out and let the sprinters have their day. its not my place to interrupt that. foshag found the holes and made it happen and regan was in there too. i rolled in pleased with my efforts to help the team. i think allen park will be fun. hopefully we can get another good finish. great racing from everyone on the team, tony was stellar in the break. crawford and card, will and adam.

i certainly didn't have any relaxing down time this weekend like the prior week. lots of summer left. oh and perry farrell's satellite party is the shit. he has a new collaboration with some other notables. its a bit weird but damn good.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey Jay,

"essex brass should have put 5 or 6 on the front" ??

work schedules and sickness have kept out turnout less than perfect so far this year. if we ever actually get 5 or 6 of us there at the same time, i promise we'll represent the pimp cup (awarded by mr. weinert, i love that thing!)

glad you rode well and finished safely. see you this weekend.


6:56 PM  
Blogger Joshua Tarrant said...

Our little Brit Meurig who was in the break all day launched before the field caught the move and Shoeburg and Clark bridged to him. Shoeburg got first and Meuring was second and Clark finished out the top 3. Thanks for the tip my bike was about to be roadkill. I appreciate it.


11:12 PM  

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