Tuesday, May 01, 2007

post A2 - pre real season

not a cloud

local hammers timez 2. pre race.

post race - lathrup discusses yet another victory. 7 wins out of 11 for tarrant. nice!

wolverine hammers, cavender you trying out for chip n dales or play girl? nice chest hair.

post race vet - dybo himself. i felt much better on this day. i showed my face at the front of the race much more than the prior week. i felt good. only problem is i flatted about half way through. raced to the car and got the spare wheel that was so conveniently placed in the back seat. jumped back in and tried my damnedest to get the teammate to the front for the sprint. i finished in the field. next up the queen of the classics for michigan, cone.


Blogger Joshua Tarrant said...

Jay, When you get a chance could you email me the pics and video you too of the race. Thanks man. My emai is joshmtb29@yahoo.com

Josh T.

7:50 AM  

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