Sunday, March 25, 2007



another great weekend of coffee and riding through the western roads of ann arbor. i finished the week with really good miles and really great times with friends in the process. and with the weather outlook calling for additional warm weather i'm motivated.

we started the day with a large group but in the end it got wittled down to only 5 of us. it ended up being the perfect mix of people. good conversation and positive energy kept us charging along even when the roads didn't ride so smooth.

i don't know anything about the local city road commission but the first couple miles of huron river parkway are blasted. at the enterence to the road from main street all the way to barton park were signs of new pavement in the roads future. "road closed" signs and marked trees were all telling me that its likely we could have some nice rolling at the starts to our rides this summer. i hope so. its pretty bad.


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