Thursday, March 22, 2007


good week

i'm feeling good. rode both saturday and sunday. monday off. rode tues, wed and today. 3hrs in the saddle today with shueg knight. went a little hard at first but started feeling strong when we came in. it felt longer than it was. windy as shit. this is what my bike and clothing looked like tuesday when i came in. wrecked.

that trusty single speed is turning out to be a workhorse. i don't clean it, i don't adjust it, i don't do shit to it. i just grab it and go. and on tuesday thats all i had time for. it was a bit sloppy but i felt damn good to be on the bike after driving all day. and yep still dirty as shit until the next emergency. the rest of the rides have been good rides on the road bike. i'm really used to it now and the spinning is starting to feel good. looks like i can't make the first FRCC in clarkston but i'll surely make the A2 the next day.


Blogger rachel said...

Is my perception of this picture off or are those livestrong leg warmers? or does your leg fit into a livestrong wrist band?

10:55 PM  

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