Friday, February 23, 2007

warm surge


this whole tour of cali has got me all pumped up. levi has a really good shot at winning this thing. its really cool to see some big hitters here too riding in wine country. voight has always been one of my favs in the pro peleton. it was awesome to see him power away and get a win. way to go bettini!

i don't know where the time has gone. its already feb 23. next week is march! some friends of mine in warmer climates are already racing. their season started this weekend. i'm really excited about the A2 training series. it starts a little late but at least we have something. i've been spinning my ass off with dybo and john. they just kill us. core workouts are starting to pay off too. maybe some ab def! nope that was just another fat roll left over from the beer in belgium.

to americans and an italian. i think bettini likes racing here. it probably helps that he has won a stage. i wonder how george will do in the classics. i can't beleive the paris nice politics. kinda sad. that is one of the coolest races.

if i wasn't working all weekend in battle creek i would be riding outside letting my imagination wander. thinking of warm air and smooth roads in wine country. it will be here soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

theres some thick dudes/dudets in this pic, must of follwed upthrowin back beers regim as stated on T ms

7:40 PM  
Blogger ask said...

The smell of that shop the next morning has got to be intense - get more fans!

8:28 AM  
Blogger sworksredace said...

Big Ray looks like he is getting bigger by the day

11:29 AM  

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