Saturday, February 03, 2007

krawaten cross

GVA trofee veldrijden # 7 Lille Belgium
Nys wins!

1. Sven Nys
2. Richard Groenendaal
3. Gerben De Knegt
4. Niels Albert
5. Kevin Pauwels
6. Sven Vanthourenthout!
15. Erwin Vervecken
30. Ryan Trebon

Womens Race

1. Reza Ravebstein
2. Loes Sels
3. Sanne Cant
8. Christine Vardaros

nice consistant podium of rabo riders. probably the best of the bunch right there.

very typical spectator conditions. this is what i walked in for 2 days in hooglede. big time amature here not having the rubber boots.

looking at this picture makes me want to be back in the land of cycling. i've done really well since the day i landed. i've been running every day and i did a spin class and got my ass totally kicked. my diet has been spot on and i feel really good. today i could tell though i had to fight a little in the mental department. i mean its really cold. but i've been braving it. it was really good to read that an acquaintance of my mine reported to be struggeling pretty bad. he is a pro mountain biker! i just want to be fit. and maybe hang on to equal competition during a race. if i want that i had better start sucking it up. so i'm feeling good about myself on that front. reading about everyone else though is hard, they are all in warm places getting buckets of miles in. i took a pretty good break and now i'm very motivated to get going. i've really been thinking about the road again and am excited for the coming season. i have my schedule pretty much picked out. the team is coming together which is also motivating. i really want to do as many out of state big races as possible this year. i love the big intimidating races. whether its cross or road, i think the bigger the better. i've really found my comfort zone with being on the line the past few years. i think this year will be another step up and another adjustment to what is ahead. doing the big races just makes the small time stuff so much easier. plus its just so damn fun. single digits today and through the early week but i'll be training. before we know it, we'll be riding ourselves dizzy at runway plaza. should be a good year.


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