Sunday, January 21, 2007

world cup #11

Hoogerheide Netherlands
Nys wins!

1. Sven Nys
2. Petr Dlask
3. Erwin Vervecken

9. Jonathan Page
10. Ryan Trebon
25. Erik Tonkin
29. Tristan Schouten

DNF Richard Groenendaal
DNF Bart Wellens
DNF Sven Vanthourenhout
DNF Gerben De Knegt
DNF Barry Wicks
DNF Davide Frattini

Lars Boom and Neils Albert were 1 & 2 in U 23.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Albert was 2nd? What happened? Nice ride for Schouten.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lars Boom happened. Looks like an upset in the making. Homeboy beat DeKnegt and Groenendaal in the Dutch Championship. Albert will need to be perfect. Stybar could still steal the show though if Boom and Albert get caught marking each other.

9:33 PM  

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