Sunday, February 04, 2007

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Superprestige # 7 Hoogstraten Belgium
Nys wins!

1. Sven Nys
2. Richard Groenendaal
3. Gerben De Knegt
4. Jonathan Page
5. Petr Dlask
6. Erwin Vervecken
7. Sven Vanthourenhout!

wait a minute, isn't this the same podium as yesterday in Krawaten? no. and no groenendaal is not pissed at nys. in a couple photos he is flipping off his teammate at the finish. not very sportsman like for the old dutchman.

i used a translator site to make out what the hell happend here today. apparantly it was all in good fun. the three rabo's went off the front and nys danced to the win. groenendaal new his teammate was the best on the day and was just funning at the line. neither have any bad vibe and the gesture was not intended to be a direct slam on nys. they were playing. they have been teammates forever. however i did read ( i think) that groenendaal may be looking for a short term new contract with a new team to finish out his career. he was saying he hoped people were noticing lately that he has had good results and still able to finish with the best in the world.

and again from what i could make out in the translation, it also sounded like fidea was interested in page! holy shit. thats really cool. it was saying that his recent performances were not going unoticed and that he would likely be getting offers from some bigger teams as the season draws to a close. add the amercian to the fidea squad - wow. that would just be awesome.

world champ doing what he does best. gotta love the guy.

off to get some more running in, freezing my ass off.


Blogger rachel said...

FMAO! ha!

4:05 PM  
Blogger rachel said...

btw, loooooong time no see.

do you remember me?

9:23 PM  
Blogger rachel said...

It's been running since last year. Things have just been a little slow. Hopefully the foundation will get as much support as it did before the cross season. ;)

10:46 AM  

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