Thursday, February 15, 2007

warm weather on the way

taken aback

so i found a sloppy shop with an empty stand to get started on my artwork. i got it about 80% complete and decided to see what it would read. mind you i'm not completely done. no cages, pedals, bar tape or computer. i was a bit startled to see these numbers on the digital scale. under 15 - no way. on the manual scale, 14.75. i'm shocked. how can this be? i guess the 55GSM carbon really is ripping light.

so i kept building. my buddy ron hooked me up with these sweet new carbon keos. i've been riding look pedals forever. i had the first generation carbon keos. rode the shit out of those and they are a bit worked over. these are new and super light. i really don't even care. but ron said these were the ti spindle ones. great. i'll take'em. that shouldn't add too much weight to the ultra light frame. i found some old race lite cages lying around. threw those on. wrapped the bars up all nice. i'm ready for spring. i want to race some road.

after i posted the pic of my artwork i had just gotten, cross crazy dave was so stoked on my new ride for the year he wanted me to order him up one. we'll have to keep that on the DL dave man. yea this ride is bad ass.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I DONR BELIEVE IT....Cross crazy is scared of roadbikes.SF

8:52 PM  
Blogger cross crazy said...

No i am just scared of you because your such a badass on the road.
your bike is not to bad but is not a tarmac sl.

9:08 AM  

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