Saturday, March 17, 2007

cold weekend

more miles

another cold weekend of riding. after a nice breakfast to fuel my body i ventured out into the sunny cold for more base miles. i really had no motivation to ride in these temps. but at this point i just have to force myself to ride. and of course once out i feel great. i didn't ride for long but at least i rode.

racing is just 2 weeks away. i can't afford to sit around and get fat all weekend after spending routine days riding the trainer. i have to stay on the bike. its a challenge. its trying to find motivation to ride when you don't want to. i'll be so happy once spring is here and the racing begins. the hard work will make me feel like i'm in the right zone.

shueg knight and i did a ripping 2 1/2 hour ride on tuesday when it was still nice and warm. i knew the temps wouldn't last long. its just what we have to live with. damn the winds down on the south part of town are brutal. i've ridden the finish to cone azalia like 100 times. soon i'll start riding the actual course. i'm looking forward to getting additional training down in north carolina in april. that will be nice. i wish it was warm.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm with you dude. It's tough this time of year. At least you're getting some miles in. I'm only hitting around 60 mpw, but with lots of hard stuff mixed in. See you on the roads soon.


10:30 AM  

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