Wednesday, February 28, 2007


proper joe

this past weekend i was lucky to get a block of time to visit a really great coffee house in battle creek. during the big event at team active, i jumped next door prior to the big bash to get re energized. the brownstone coffee house is the shit.

i think i have become a coffee house aficionado in my days. i simply love coffee. i drink it a lot and i'm pretty picky. i sat down and ordered a double shot of espresso. the first thing that bugs me about wanna be coffee houses is when they say it wrong. its not expresso....its espresso. no x. the second thing that really pisses me off is when you order it, if the jackass serves it in a paper cup, he has no idea what he is doing. this friendly young lad did things right. he served it right with some other small details i'm picky about and of course the taste was spot on. i got talking with him later about things. i told him i appreciated the excellent pick me up and he replied that they take things very seriously here. he finished by saying that if the staff doesn't they get fired! the folks at starbucks had better take a training course from the brownstone cafe'. since i don't get to battle creek but a couple times a year, my choice of the finest coffee in the area goes to my pal john drake of drakes fine coffee roasting in sylvania. good stuff.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Drake's Rwandan. It's totally DOPE!!

9:55 PM  
Blogger gewilli said...

mmmmmm coffee

When beaners opened their first shop there in E.L. it was THE best freaking draw i've had outside of the barista owned shops or carts in seattle...

It grew to much but still despite being franchised and having the beans sorced locally (their biggest downfall IMHO) they still kick the crap outa star*ucks ... the * should be f but i want to be polite ;)




11:14 AM  
Blogger rachel said...

Remember that place where the roast Drake's Fine Coffee? And how they have Sushi Friday? And how you haven't been there for Sushi Friday in ages? And how you haven't talked to that one chick that works there in ages?

5:48 PM  

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