Sunday, June 17, 2007

allen park

hot n fast

sounds like a fast food chain. i think we had like 60 or 70 in the field today. it was big. its great to see a lot of racers coming out to these events. it seems like we don't have a problem with the road scene and attendance. maybe we can get some of these folks out this fall.

i was pretty tired in the morning. even when i got to the race i was dragging ass. i hadn't had any coffee yet so i ventured out to find some of my sauce to get me going. came back with a venti that had an extra shot to give me a nice little boost. its a rule that allen park crits are hotter than hell. and again it was nice and balmy. we found a nice spot under some trees to set up the trainers. finally the go juice hit my veins and i started to wake up. i finished a short spin on the trainer and went out to the road to get some pavement spinning. did a few laps with friends then watched the finish of the 3's. a really great race. standing there i got my blood flowing and my mind into race mode. did a few more warm up laps to check out the course and find the holes. made it to the line to get prepped for 90 min of hot n sweaty. the first lap was pretty much neutral. i think everyone was just trying to get a feel for how the attitude of the race would be. it was tame. after a bit a few people threw down and the pace picked up. after a bit a move stuck and they began to work up there. the weird thing is each lap that went by it didn't seem like they were really increasing the time by all that much. i heard 35 sec then 45 then back to 40. they bounced around the sub 1 min mark for a while. i guess thats all they needed since they stayed away and derek graham grabbed the win. the guys is riding well this year. we had the black ace in the move and i think craw daddy was up there to help out. a couple crashes earlier in the race woke everyone up to ride a bit more cautiously. it was a decent tempo and speed averaging around the 26 or 27mph mark. the heat made it feel just a bit harder than it was. i raced a couple other races this year that were faster and i felt better. i drank all my fluids and felt decent afterwards. i was looking forward to the beer party later that eve. state TT next weekend.


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