Saturday, July 28, 2007



i was so unsure of what i wanted to do this weekend considering we had no races. kelly was at superweek and i was bummed i couldn't go. work got busy and i was in the mind set that i was just planning to chill until ada. well plans can change in a snap and before i knew it i was passing through gary indiana and ripping through chicago up to milwaukee to see the events.

the next thing i know i'm pinning on a number in wisco lining up with some of the biggest pros in the country. i didn't even think i would be racing this weekend. when i was on the line the pros got a call up and then it hit me that i was racing in a pretty big race. anyone who has lined up with calos vargos, victor rapinski, ben renkema, joe martin, steve tilford, adam bergman and marco rios just to name a few knows you're about to be hitting it pretty hard when the guns goes off.

so we ended up spending the weekend with local pros ben and christy. awesome traveling companions. ben is really ripping it up. in the money baby.

that mysterious photographer seems to be following to the races grabbing great photos! maybe giving graham watson a run for domestic racing photos!

during the race i looked down at the computer and never saw below 30mph. tomorrow and sunday are the really big races and the fields will be totally stacked because its the end of super week and the payout is so big that the big pros will be on hand. we heard a rumor that a prime during the race tomorrow will be $7000!!!! and thats just a during the race prime. i have a feeling the race will be fast and that it will be strung out in a line leading into the prime lap. uh yea i'm off the back.


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