Sunday, July 22, 2007

Maillot Jaune


this is year 3 for this event and year 2 for me doing it. its pretty cool. it was almost cold at the start. i had arm warmers on at the line. i don't know about everyone else but i spent a good 30 min on the trainer but got cold waiting for the anthems to be done. ron and the guys at cycle-fit work really hard to get little things for this race to make it a fun atmosphere. the french speaking MC, the brand new toyotas from the local dealership and probably the coolest sponsor the french laundry.

i had a chance to pre ride the course twice leading up the race. the roads are not great but i don't care about that so much. i wanted to make sure i knew exactly what the hills would do to me. i was a bit worried i would be dropped somewhere during the race but i tried really hard to keep my cool and just roll the hills with the group. we had 5 laps total and i was pretty sure guys would launch often and hard. i felt pretty good. a nice change of pace from the crits, this road race started the proper way, neutral from the start until we got warmed up then the pace was elevated. a couple people fired their guns from the beginning but they were soon returned to the group. somewhere in there a move was formed and they had a nice gap. the entire team was so attentive. without even speaking to one and other we formed a super kickass work force at the front to bring it back. that could have been the most organized chase i've seen yet. it was text book. we all went to the front and put in our turns to bring the small group back into the fold. because my memory is poor at best, some time after that (as i was recovering at the back) another move went dancing away and our main man dr clark was present in the escape. once i came around again, the bosses ordered us to begin covering anything that looked dangerous. card had more in the tank than most so his efforts to keep things under control were noticed more than the rest of us. i rode up there and followed just a couple wheels but didn't have the same kick to keep all the wheels under control. on the 4th lap we started up the KOM hill. i was near the middle of the peleton and quickly went backwards. i was just barely on and we rolled the top. i was worried because we still had one time to go at the big climb. the other 2 climbs i was tired and my legs were hurting a bit. i tried to eat some food and drink to prepare for the last lap. if i was tired on this lap i would surely be hurting on the last lap with people attacking. so i completed the 4th lap still not dropped and working for my guys the best that i could. the last lap. we rolled up the KOM and i actually felt much better and was more near the middle this time. chatter started about what everyone wanted to do. boss regan said we were to drag card to the line since his fuel levels were better than everyone elses and dr clark was still away in the move of 5. the climb to the US23 ramp i felt better too and rolled it with ease compared to the rest of the day. at this point i really worked hard to stay at the front. i knew it was going to split and if i could suffer hard up the last false flat i could roll in and maybe help someone to the line. sure enough i rolled it and stayed on maybe even feeling like i was coming around a little. after we crested the top people began to fight for position. i had to ride aggressive because it started to get dicy. i new people were flying out the back on that last climb but the pace was high in the group and no one was sneaking away before the field sprint. we blasted the last corner and i took it wide almost in the gutter. i looked up and saw a blur of yellow and black make a lunge for the line. it was young stud luke cavender taking 2nd in the field sprint. the short video clip showed that i floated across in 11th in the field sprint! my overall was 22nd so i was pretty satisfied with that. i was actually impressed with my day period. i heard someone say once that if you feel ok after you get your ass kicked then you are doing ok for fitness. sure enough, i had some recovery and felt great. so i'm 50/50 for the indiana states this weekend because if i don't then that will be a week off and i like racing every weekend. otherwise i will be racing next at the new designed ada criterium. that will be awesome.

i have no idea who i'm talking to. every person that visits fenton should make a stop to the french laundry. its a really cool little deli that has sandwiches like zingermans. they actually get their bread from them. kelly actually ordered a sandwich that was bigger than her head. she ate it.
i hope everyone has great races at superweek.


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