Sunday, July 29, 2007

superweek (again???)


uh yea so i lined it up again. not sure if that was a good idea or not.

it is saturday. they said that today's race was the finale of the entire superweek. we had heard the rumors of the superprime. all week long they had local businesses dumping money into the pot. anyone who wanted to donate could. it was growing. even on the line they still would not say how much or if it would be a 1 place prime or a 1 thru 3 place prime. they would announce when the pot closed just 15min into the race.

we were dying to get started. ben was ready to make a run at the big $.

so this race. it was held in the coolest neighborhood in milwaukee. pubs and shops and atmosphere unlike any race i've ever raced. the course was a long triangle with a downhill portion. the entire course was lined with huge houses and there was not one single open section with no people. everyone was outside cooking out and partying. no quiet sections, everyone was cheering. when we passed through the start finish it was so loud i couldn't even hear the MC. the field was massive with 160 guys. rock racing from california was on hand and all the other big teams not racing at toona were there. we got going and just like the day before, 30mph. the first 15min was really hard and i wasn't sure if i was going to hang. i pushed through it and tried to ride through the hurt. after about 45min i really found my rhythm and started to feel just awesome. one thing i learned racing in a big race like this is, because its so fast and there are so many guys you begin to become the race. i was molded to so much repetition that each lap became easier. i was shifting in the same spot every lap, standing in the same spot every lap and finding the lines i liked. yea i try to do that in local races but this was much different. the road wasn't great but after a while it just didn't phase me anymore. i faintly heard about the prime lap but had no idea who won it. all i wanted to do was finish the race and keep feeling good. i was in survival mode and was doing pretty good to stay in the game. the race was taking me over and before i knew it the lap counter read 10 to go. the race started so late that it began to get dark. i took off my glasses. i burned around the last 3 laps and then it was over. after going 30mph for 2:15 then completely throttling back is like being in warp speed then coming to a stop. it was really weird. i didn't know where i was. i did a cool down lap hoping to hear a voice of someone i knew. then i saw ben and then i was back at the car drinking trying to figure out what the hell just happened. as i came back to reality i realized how cool that was and just walked around taking in the awesome neighborhoods and streets.

some really nice scenery in this area of milwaukee. i would live here in a second. and i'll for sure be racing here again next year.
after the race we all went to eat at a really great Belgian themed restaurant with the lion of Flanders as the logo. probably the best racing and fun i've had all summer.

shes back!


Blogger Timothy Finkelstein said...

I can totally relate to this "warp speed" phenomenom! Noce job, anytime you finish a superweek race it is a huge accomplishment!

12:39 AM  

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