Thursday, November 23, 2006

thanksgiving day redemption

World Cup in Koksijde Belgium Saturday and a Superprestige race in Gieten Netherlands on Sunday. now that is back to back racing. go Vanthourenhout!

yesterday i was asked to ride at island lake with the famous DC and rev wiz. we ripped a lap in the afternoon to get ready for turkey day. the last time i was on a geared MTB was like april. i felt like shit. i rode the iceman on the single speed and that was ok but i could tell i was a little off my game. i was kind of bummed i felt so shitty on the ride that i started to get worried i was maybe losing it with 3 big races left this year. should i rest until sunday or ride once more then rest?

lucky for me ken called me up and said he wasn't passing up the weather today on thanksgiving. there was probably a 100 rides going on everywhere but this one seemed the most practical. i was really hoping to attend the anual robert ride at pontiac but damn i hate that drive. especially on a day when i don't have to drive. so ken offered to drive and instead of the funny fat tire bikes we took to the 700c cross bikes that i've become so familiar with lately. yesterday i could barely complete one lap. today i bounced back nicely. it was muddy and when we got done i was ready for more. the sun was out and the lions were losing. a perfect thanksgiving day. time to retreat into a coma.


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