Sunday, November 12, 2006

the battle of river raisin

Nys wins Pijnacker!

revenge for yesterdays bad luck and a birthday present for his son.

Francis Mourey the frenchman proving to be a threat in the world cup and is quoted as saying he wants to win the world championships flys into 2nd. the worlds? thats a tall order! the Dutch national champ Gerben De Knegt grabbing 3rd. Groenendaal 4th and world champ Vervecken rounding out the podium. Wellens crashed and knocked himself out but battled back to 11th. Sven Vanthourenthout 9th.

Camp Hill Pennsylvania - Tristan looking serious during the start. is that myerson on the left? Davide Frattini and Matt White also on the front.

looking at the results, this was not a soft race. Tristan looking good and pulling off a top ten finish in 8th just behind horner.

"River Raisin"

and now of course onto the small time local race. today was no picnic. it was hard. i got there pretty early and had a good warm up. it was chilly at about 42 degrees. dave set up a great course today and i knew it was going to be hang on or get popped off the back. i had been thinking about the race pretty much all week but didn't want to psych myself out. it got my head in the game and robert said 30 seconds to go. we blasted off pretty hard like i knew it would but i put myself in a great position down the drag strip. the cane creek boys, tucker and wizz were all pedaling good and i was right in there. i was calm the entire first lap not blowing up. sooner or later though it was going to separate. tucker was driving his signature pace and really flying while the rest of us were sitting on. tuck went into the red and i passed him. i looked up and saw all 3 cane creekers wizz and myself. i was pretty happy to be there although i new it wouldn't last long. tuck is smart and sure enough he recovered and came around. i thought for a second i could stay with him but he is stronger than me. so now i'm riding well sitting 5th. i know saari is coming. maybe i can stay with him today? it took about a lap and a half when he got me. i tried hard to stay but he too is stronger. i was hoping he couldn't hear me breathing. i wanted to work with him but i was working really hard. i think he sensed i was hurting to stay on. he left me. still happy to be sitting 6th i again got worried with the herriman, rosewarne, stark and wier freight train riding hard and maybe making time. i was in no mans land with no wheel. dammit ron where were you? one of my biggest weaknesses is not having a wheel. each lap though i could see that i still had a good gap on all of them and by the last lap i knew i could keep them away. i'm very happy with the day and that i got 6th. i'm pretty tired right now but am looking forward to next weekend in ashville for the double header!

spectating races is just as fun for me as racing them. i have so much respect for the killer B's i almost wish i was racing with them. some really great racers in there. andy brown, joel budacki, jason brake, andy klumb all my bros. they had great races today and it was awesome to watch.
DC and rachel raced awesome today too winning their classes. great race!



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who won? maybe its my eyes, but can hardly read the pic.

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