Monday, October 30, 2006

energy overload

i had so much damn energy this morning the coffee about threw me over the top. the photo sites started to get updated, the calls started coming in and all the other blogs i follow were starting to read the weekends racing adventures. when i saw the 2 north american cross results on cyclingnews i got excited to see if might recognize any names. i opened the Beacon New Jersey UCI race link on cyclingnews and saw Tristan's name at the top of the results. a full report detailed the race with some awesome photos. i was pretty pumped that he had won. he has been traveling a lot and hitting some pretty big races. after i took about 14 more phone calls i was really flying on the coffee and really thinking about riding. the weekend was full of some great racing and some great results so i was looking to show that i could still turn the pedals after yesterday. it was frick'n 68 degrees! i grabbed the lights and was spinning by 5:30. i got in about 7:45. it felt great. now that i got that out of my system i'm not doing a damn thing until saturday. i'll listen to you punjab!

i'm not sure how others felt going into the hurdles yesteray at vets but rachel mentioned she felt like they were spaced a little weird. like maybe for that speed the steps wern't quite right. i know i felt like i really had to stretch my stride to get through them with 2 steps. it was certainly fast.

i liked the run up but i heard that rachel steele and tim sari as well as a few others rode it every lap. that is pretty impressive. they did a good job making it very off camber just prior to turing it up. it was very challenging. big thanks to andrea tucker for some awesome pics. thanks andrea.

i wish i was able to capture the finish as well as hans. this is a great photo of the finish with wiz and jeff.

one of the my favorite things after a weekend of racing is waiting for the pictures to get posted so we can all re-live our experiences. its really fun to see what photos had been captured during the race. thanks andrea, hans, balogh, and gatto for doing a great job. (and anyone else who takes photos that i failed to mention)


Blogger Crawford Tillinghast said...

baffmlxHey, where do you ride in the AA area at night????

8:25 AM  
Blogger Echelon said...

i have a beautiful little park near my house on the south end of town. i have a cross course set up there. i also ride the local loop and olsen park. let me know if you are interested in a night/eve training ride.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Abrown said...

Hey Man, shoot me an email



5:05 PM  

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