Saturday, October 21, 2006

back in the "A" game

today was my first race back as an "A". i wasn't sure how i would fare but things worked out really great. since stoney creek and the other races everyone told me i should go back to the A's since i had a strong 3rd at the davisburg UCI race in B and a win at stoney in B. dave m really wanted me to stay in the B class to make it more competetive. he also said before todays race "your gonna get lapped" sorry dave, i love you but i wasn't about to let that happen.

i woke up to damp roads. it was cold too. i got to the race after my morning starbucks stop and headed to the registration. i did a practice lap just before the masters race and found a few new lines since last nights pre ride. on the line i was really cold but i new i would warm up quick. i took down an inervite cheer pack and waited for the whistle. it was a really fast start but i found myself 4th off the line and on wissinks wheel. a good place to start. things spread quickly and i didn't want to go super red line that early just to try and stay with the lead group. i locked on to tim sari and was really happy to be riding with him. i had confidence but after 2 laps he gapped me and i found myself with a chiropower rider. sari was in no mans land trying to bridge and myself and the chiropower rider were starting to eat into him. surprisingly we got tim. i was really happy when we brought him back. my confidence was way up and i was starting to get really comfortable. i had a few sections that i new i was faster than both of them. i rode smart and kept both riders in check. i could tell that the 4 riders off the front - weinert, wizz, card, and simonson were gaining time on us. i started to get really worried with 3 laps to go that the rich stark & herriman group chasing my trio was going to catch. i went to the front and rode just a bit harder. on the last lap near the sand pit tim sari said "jay come around i have a flat" i was bummed for him. the chiropower rider was setting the tempo and heard tim so he drilled it and got a gap on me. i thought i could catch him on the run up or at the log but he kept me at bay and ended 5th for the final podium spot. i finished a great 6th place in my first A race back. i feel great. vets park is going to be really hard. i think its the hardest of them all. no flow.

i'm super happy for wizz. great race man! an awesome day for racing and i think everybody enjoyed themselves.


Blogger Robert said...

Nice race dude...

Good to have you back in the "big race". See, you are worthy.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Echelon said...

you are right. thanks for the confidence man. keep racing and i'll keep and eye out for the 58cm.

11:30 PM  
Blogger rachel said...

Do you credit any of your success to the recent gear ratio changes recommended by your tech guide?

4:16 PM  

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