Wednesday, November 08, 2006

the weekend is close

this weekend should make for some great racing. im pretty excited. i got my new tires all glued up and ready to ride. with the nice weather ahead i'm looking forward to the pre rides before sunday. i used some new glue yesterday recommended by molley cameron. she talked about something very interesting in a prior post. about how glue and carbon wheels work differently together than on normal aluminum rims. something i hadn't taken into consideration when i made the choice to use carbon wheels for cross. the super tech savvy rachel steele already had it ordered so i bought some and gave it a try. its much more tacky than regular tubi cement and gives you piece of mind about rolling a tire in a hard corner. i'm anxious to ride them tomorrow.

i actually came away pretty clean after stretching the new rubber on last night. i guess a good week of stretching makes the final installation that much easier.

of course this weekends lower huron race is not the only racing i'm excited for. on sunday after we have suffered like dogs in the depths of hell down river, world cup race # 5 will take place in france, THE PIJNACKER!!! i'm pretty pumped to see if Nys will defend. of course he is the fav.

Groenendaal has been known to do well and also places this famous race in his top favs. i hope he can make podium.

i wonder if local US tall boy "tree farm" himself will go back to dice it out with the worlds best. perhaps he will stick around and head to PA to gather some additional UCI points. damn this guy is tall!

if nothing else though i really am hoping my boy Sven Vanthourenhout finds a good wheel on the day and stays in the front for a nice finish. so far the year he has finished decent but i know he would like to place well here.


Blogger cross crazy said...

the only thing that is glued is your hand to your? and i believe molly is a boy?

10:23 PM  
Blogger joe1265 said...

Yea, I do think Molly is a man, I mean, did you see the pictures on his website....?

Has the oxygen deprivation that accompanies CX racing begun to kill off brain cells!!!


12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beevis says:

Ughuh, like, uh, did you hear what he said:

"i actually came away pretty clean after stretching the new rubber on last night....."


12:57 PM  
Blogger Echelon said...

molly prefers to be addressed as female. yes she was born male and appears male but would rather be female.

2:51 PM  
Blogger cross crazy said...

man, are your serious!

3:55 PM  
Blogger rachel said...

Ok, let's clear things up here.
Molly's sex = male
Molly's gender = female
The appropriate pronoun choice when referring to Molly is "she."

6:44 PM  

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