Wednesday, November 15, 2006

the big crowd

i wonder if the NC UCI race will have this many people? i'm sure the racing classes will be a bit more stuffy than i'm used to, but i want that. i want it to be so big i can't find the line. i want it to be total chaos in the field. bikes flying everywhere and riders bumping into each other. mud would be a plus. i watched a cool trailer of last years race, the weather looked pretty nice. the forecast and temps look to be holding steady around the high 40's mid 50's. that should be fine. we have a ride planned in lexington friday morn to spin out the legs a bit. i'm looking forward to that. from there its southbound to Asheville. another very cool little city in a beautiful part of the country. its great that this area of North Carolina has a cyclo-cross race. i was lucky enough to visit here for the first time last spring for a training camp. i had so much fun i knew if i had the chance i would go back. i'm happy to be racing cross here. once we are done indulging ourselves in the foreign area i'll have to get my head in the game. saturday morning will come quickly. i love back to back race days.

clean Vanthourenhout? big race this weekend, SUPERPRESTIGE on sunday in Hasselt Belgium. go Vanthourenhout!


Blogger Robert said...

Good luck down there dude...

11:16 AM  

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