Monday, November 20, 2006

day 2 UCI NC

Asper-Gaver Belgium Superprestige
Nys wins
i didn't even read the details of the race. we drove all night and i arrived home early monday morning about 5a.m.

Vervecken had a great race and was 2nd on the day. Vanthrouenhout was 5th. a mud covered day of racing in the superprestige series.

the elite mens race was dominated both days by the Fiordifrutta boys matt white and michael cody. day 1 mat and michael rode away with michael taking the win. day 2 saw matt solo away and win with the battle for 2nd more entertaining. tristan got'em for 2nd and michael 3rd on sunday.

sunday we woke again but temps were a bit cooler. we made our way to breakfast in the hotel again. the cane creek boys were chillin in the lobby waiting to depart to the race. it was cool hanging with the local michigan boys for a bit. rob and jeff were digesting breakfast killing time still when we got done so we kicked it for a few. it was cool. we got to the park again and i knew i was wearing long sleeves this day. the sun was still out but it was much cooler. i did a practice lap and felt decent. i wasn't sure how i would do after yesterdays throw down. i mean normally when i think of back to back racing the second day is tough. when i got to the line i was pretty close to the front at the far right. the whistle blew and i took off pretty hard. we crested the hill and i was right on the front. i made sure to be the first one into the corner. well when we turned into the grass i was still first and feeling really good. i mean really good. i just stayed there and kept pedaling. about the half way point of the first lap i was so comfortable and still at the front i decided to go just a little harder. i could hear people behind me but wasn't looking back just yet. i was still first. we completed one lap and i finally looked back. i had 2 riders with me. one of them was the same guy i was with the day before. we started lap 2 and we were rockin really good. i felt super fast in the barriers and on the dirt climb afterwards i was dancing up it. i could hear the one guy breathing pretty hard behind me. it gave me confidence. so now we've got this huge gap and we are riding away. just us. we started to work but with 2 laps to go entering the finish chute i bumped elbows with the one rider and he apologized. i said no worries. when i looked up the other guy got a gap. damn! just 3 small words between us and hes got a frick'n gap. so now we have to work. a bit later maybe about half way into the lap or so we hit a tricky section and i had to hurt to stay on. at that very moment the one guy i was with attacked me and jumped accross to the solo guy. damn! now i'm alone with a lot of work to do. with about 1/4 lap left i conceded knowing i wasn't getting them back. i was bummed i didn't stay with them and pay more attention but i'm happy with 3rd. i acheived my goal of top 5 one day. the race was just awesome the 2nd day. i felt great and was really looking forward to watching the mens elite. watching cyclo-cross is just as fun as racing it for me. the one thing about this UCI race that was a bit cheesy was the race comintary. i think we are a bit spoiled with dave out there giving us the play by play in detail rather than this dude yacking about some nonsense.

so i survied the weekend. rachel and jamie had great races and the cane creek boys were out representing in the home town for cane creek. nice race rob and jeff! its good to be back home and recovering. i can listen to my metal and euro trash in peace and eat the foods i need to be healthy and feel good. FYI - never let your traveling companions talk you into eating taco bell after a race. especially if you have been on a 4 year stretch with out it.


Blogger sworksredace said...

Had a little colon blow did we? Yeah eating at the border usually means a rumble in the bronx is coming and there is nothing worse than watching a full grown man do the upset stomach gotta go dance!

7:51 PM  
Blogger Jamie said...

You didn't tell us you were a born again TB virgin!

-Team Awesome, making you do things you don't wanna do since 2006.

7:27 AM  
Blogger rachel said...


You are my laughing medicine.

11:19 AM  

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