Friday, November 17, 2006

cross belgium beers

so we made it to ashville. the drive down was comical. we woke early this morning and did a quick ride in lexington. what an awesome place to ride. it was a bit chilly but it was so great to ride. we got going again southbound and made it to the hotel. these two cracked me up the entire way. we went to dinner and i couldn't resist having a beer with dinner. i wonder if belguin pros drink beer during the week or before a race. unfortunately i've been wrapped into a mini party with the cross twins since last night. tomorrow morn is the race and adam myerson just walked into are room. a lot of crossers staying in this hotel. i race at 12:15. we stopped by the course quick tonight and it looked so awesome. i hope tomorrow is semi warm compared to what we've had lately.

here is a quick shot of what i've had to deal with since i got in the car yesteray. these two don't stop. after tomorrow they'll have a wake up call when they are puking 15 min into the race.

Vanthourenhout sunday?


Blogger cross crazy said...

Where is the pics of the race course you rode. and your man was 3rd today! and who was 2nd?

6:19 PM  
Blogger Echelon said...

i'm waiting for tomorrows superprestige...i think Nys wants it more.

7:00 PM  

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