Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Super Week Downers Ave year 2

super prime super week time again

downers ave - probably the coolest race to check out. i can't believe i raced this race last year.

with superweek here, that brings friends to town. our best bros professor finklestien and dr. alan smith graced us for a weekend in the mad city. good to have michiganders racing and staying here for the races.

superweek makes people do weird shit. sir renkema needed to shake things up a bit and make a big change to swing the mood. grab the clippers - that should do it.

rock racing needs to do nothing of the sort. they have the image. oh yeah...and they won the superprime again.

lets just say this dude did not have a good day.

i was very happy to be kicking it on the side line this year sipping wine with entrepreneur coyle and his motor home. what an awesome evening.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


torture tour!

valverde crash n burn....

schlecks rock'n.....little italian piepoli out.

exit Czech - enter Austria

ride through the border.

no border patrol today...clean break.

goodbye czech

hello beauty of austria

more food of course

a long ride and finally our hotel. freak'n swank.

big too....

more castles...so cool to see.

better view from within

we are entering wine country.

and enter wine cellar...

see much wine in barrels

perfect wine conditions with mold all around.

the last supper on the river Danube.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

czech republic



piazza's ...well not the same as italy.

but cool little streets

and beer bikes...would like to meet the engineer here

and of course cyclo-cross. Budvar sponsored team.

the real budvar direct from the tap.

czesky crumlov - bad ass city with huge history.

hotel room throne.

yeah i rode cobbles...

....but not cobbles this harsh.

eve dinner

afternoon lunch in the park

i don't think the czech like the turks so much....

i like the czechs and the turks. these views are everywhere.

plenty of vino to go around.

pair up the local vino with some pig knee?

uh...i think this store is a thriving retailer.

the mystery photographer dropped in on this adventure.

....grabbed some rockstar shots i would of never got.

don't be bad...you'll get sent to the dungeon. not a bad place for dinner.

Friday, July 11, 2008



let it be known....the portugues know how to throw down too....

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Italy = cycling, period

the view from my hotel window.... does it get any better?



racing in italy is much different than most people in the US are used to. thats because around 800 people show up to the start.

then its time to roll out and hang on to your ass

for a long time

the italians graced me with my own sublimated jersey.

the lion king himself showed up along with michelie bartoli.

i would say it was single best day on the bike in my life.
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