Friday, April 27, 2007

sleeping with sun

spring racing has arrived

i almost made it an entire month without blogging. i'll try again later

spring racing is upon us here in the midwest. and actually a later start than most states. the A2 spring training series is always a blast. the problem is i don't remember last weeks being so damn hard. i got worked over. i'm proud of myself though for not losing a lap with the amount of hurt i was in. i was pretty close though. 50 laps at the old runway plaza. it sounded like i wasn't the only one in the hurt. avg 26MPH when i crossed the line. nice and sunny too.

so sunny i got sunburned. i didn't think i was out for that long. now i've got to work out those lines for the rest of the summer. what a problem to have.

then we have the waterford series. this always proves to be a tricky little course. cracks in the road and a little roller that burns after about 25 min. it was cold too.

i never really get excited about racing in waterford. i'm very thankful we have the race though. it helps to work out the cobwebs to get up there in the early spring. one year i crashed pretty bad on the last lap. on this day someone crashed right in front of me on a corner forcing me to chase pretty hard to get back on. earlier in the race, i was feeling ok. good enough to recognize a nice little flyer with two gents brian adams and fellow bro josh tarrant. didn't last long but was fun to see what the engine could do in the cold.

what else has been happening? well fellow MTB local pro Robert Herriman was seen looking super euro at the wolverine annual dinner. we shared a cup of nice coffee and mingled among the other well dressed folks on hand that eve. Robert and his mafia of mountain bikers made their mark at the big yankee springs TT sweeping the podium and then some dominating the first 4 spots. studs. well dressed too.

the best part is that the dow broke the 13,000 mark for the first time in history. thats a good thing. the nas is looking good to at 2,500! hopfully it keeps on rolling.

Sunday, April 01, 2007


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