Tuesday, July 15, 2008

czech republic



piazza's ...well not the same as italy.

but cool little streets

and beer bikes...would like to meet the engineer here

and of course cyclo-cross. Budvar sponsored team.

the real budvar direct from the tap.

czesky crumlov - bad ass city with huge history.

hotel room throne.

yeah i rode cobbles...

....but not cobbles this harsh.

eve dinner

afternoon lunch in the park

i don't think the czech like the turks so much....

i like the czechs and the turks. these views are everywhere.

plenty of vino to go around.

pair up the local vino with some pig knee?

uh...i think this store is a thriving retailer.

the mystery photographer dropped in on this adventure.

....grabbed some rockstar shots i would of never got.

don't be bad...you'll get sent to the dungeon. not a bad place for dinner.


Blogger rachel said...


p.s. I have yet to meet our new rep.

p.p.s. Are you guys coming back to A2 at all this summer? I'm not coming to Trek World :(

10:29 PM  

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