Wednesday, November 29, 2006

high octane

2005 National Run up Providence

the calm before the storm. over a dozen races had gone through here before the elite mens race last year in providence. the elements were certainly a factor and from the sounds of it possibly this weekend in waterford too. today was the last shred of warmth for a while.

this weekend the worlds best will be traveling a bit. world cup race # 7 in Igorre Spain. Very cool. the following world cup will be in Italy. i'm hoping Vantourenhout can have a good run and move up a bit in the points. after jan 1 Sven will be leaving rabo and moving to a new team, sunweb-pro job. we'll see how things go for him over there. go Vantourenhout!

so i've been thinking about sundays race the last few days. wishing i was able to use the fuel i still had lingering in the system. wondering if tim and i could have stayed away from the powerful duo to hang on and podium. we'll never know. with summer time ending later tonight it looks like i'll have to brave the elements friday and saturday to prep for sunday. i'm really looking forward to it. more than that though i'm looking forward to traveling out east for nationals. i think its really going to be cool with the thousands of crossers joining in one place for the countrys biggest cross day. and of course to see who will be the new national champ. very exciting.

for some reason i think the course will be a bit less like this for the 2006 race. but you never know. from the sounds of the weather reports its more like the states will look like this!

jesse anthony tearing up the U 23 race last year after a flat on the first lap. (i know about flats). he was strong enough to claw back to 2nd place. he has been national camp 6 times. 4 times as a junior and twice as a espoir (U23). that is freak'n awesome. unfortunately the flat cost him the title for the first time in 6 years. im sure he'll be back fighting again this year. a couple more years before he goes all out elite men. he is the future for US mens cycling at the age of 21. and who is that on his wheel, brent bookwalter? uh yea he got 3rd in espoir and won the collegete the same weekend! we'll be hearing these names a lot in the future i'm sure. it will also be fun watching them do battle at nationals.

and the run up in action. so cool. this was the best place to watch on the first lap.


Blogger rachel said...

Tim Saari, much like Chris Horner, always appears to be smiling during races.

Is Bookwalter still racing CX? He was at UCI NC without a bike.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay your way over about the Ohio state championship next weekend?..its near Dayton. SF

7:15 AM  
Blogger Echelon said...

actually bookwalter is injured. not sure if he can race at the moment.

i was thinking about that ohio race. anyone else wanting to go?

8:14 AM  

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