Sunday, October 21, 2007

world cup round # 1

Kalmthout Belgium
Stybar Wins

holy shit, Zdenek Stybar wins first round of the world cup. the czech rider powers away from the usual belgians, a couple hot dutchman and the frenchman mourey.

1. Zdenek Stybar
2. Sven Nys
3. Francis Mourey
4. Sven Vanthourenhout!
5. Klaas vantornout

6. Bart Wellens
9. Richard Groenendaal
11. Jonathan Page
22. Erwin Vervecken
42. Ryan Trebon
51. Jonathan Baker

U23 world cup
Niels Albert Wins

Kleicross Lebbeke Belgium
Enrico Franzoi Wins

1. Enrico Franzoi

Niels Albert 2nd on the day with Nys and Vervecken right behind.

Wellens landed 9th and Page was 12th. Jonathan Baker kicked down a nice 19th.


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