Sunday, October 07, 2007


one word

well actually 2 words.....fucking hot!

i think i was losing weight just standing around i was sweating so much. riders just evaporated.

the black ace, rev wiz and lil pony had a nice group at the front.

the sweed rode well again to a 4th place. frenchman tanguy kept me off the podium again. nice ride.

despite the heat, i felt good and rode well on the day. thanks to my good friend ron for riding with me when it got hard. on the last lap we looked around and saw nothing but a beautiful day around us. we sat up a little.

afterwards we were invited to a great summer outside BBQ to our friend john sammuts house. wow that was just great after the hard day. thanks john.

i guess the warning sign didn't work.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

great race. you guys were killin' it! that's an awesome picture on the top. kelly should have her own BLOG!!!


9:16 PM  

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