Thursday, December 07, 2006


UCI World Cup Milan Italy Friday

as much as i favor Sven Vanthourenhout, Erwin Vervecken is a quiet favorite for me. he is always at the front. always. he is known as the best runner and loves the fast courses. seeing him win the worlds last year was just awesome. Wellens was there for the final fight but Vervecken proved the best on the day even at 34 years young. he can put it down!

its cool to see the 2 super power teams, Fidea and Rabo battle every race. some races Fidea sweeps the podium some days its rabo. the team is stacked. Vervecken, Wellens, Dlask, Stybar are just a few of the horses. Rabo fires back with Nys, Vanthourenhout, Groenendaal, De Knegt. its just awesome.

either way Vervecken is out there to make'em hurt.

Nys - a tricky rider always ready to throw down and out smart everyone. maybe he'll chalk up another world cup friday? the master of the elements.

but Vervecken, ready to battle with the best. a long successful career. its going to be a great world championship this year in Hooglede-Gits Belgium. Vervecken will be looking to defend and the rest will be fighting for the podium. 2 years ago it was a snowy festival. last year it was fast and sunny. mud this year? what will nationals bring? Ryan Trebon is coming back to the states. i'm very happy that he is attending. this is his year. i'll be traveling east bound 1 week from today. very exciting.


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