Wednesday, December 13, 2006

east bound

east bound to providence RI

probably the coolest experience i attended last year. scar face himself after doing the deed for his men. this year will be even better since i'm racing. can't wait.

francis mourey ripping it up this year against the best in the world. he even got a win earlier in the year. he is quoted saying he wants to win the worlds. thats a tall order with the talent on hand during that event. big goals and big dreams. we'll see on jan 28th.

this kinda looks like providence last year! some good racing this weekend all over the world. Essen Belgium on saturday. Overijse Belgium on Sunday. then later in the month we have 2 huge races. world cup in Hofstade Belgium on the 26th then cap off the month with a superprestige race in Diegem Belgium on the 31st. totally kick ass.

i think nys has his sites on winning as many races as he can before the worlds.

predictions for nationals? talking with mr cross crazy himself this afternoon i came up with....

1. treefarm (its his year)

2. johnson (he won the USGP)

3. wells, wicks, page, schouten, mccormack, white (could be any of these guys!!!)


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