Sunday, December 10, 2006

superprestige # 5

Superprestige # 5 Bollekescross, Hamme Zogge, Belgium
Nys wins!

Nys roars back after his 2nd place finish in Italy. Wellens in 2nd today. what a frick'n battle. Vervecken 3rd. from the report it sounded like both Nys and Wellens got sick in italy. it obviously didn't make a bit of difference. they are both still on the podium.

1. Sven Nys
2. Bart Wellens
3. Erwin Vervecken
5. Sven Vanthrouenhout!
6. Gerben De Knegt
10. Ryan Trebon!

Vervecken rocks. up there again. world champ looks good.

today was a beautiful day. i just had to ride. yesterday i felt ill and didn't do a damn thing except run around getting things done. i didn't sleep good and when i woke up i knew i needed to ride. i totally nixed the ohio race. scare face and the black ace went down. after looking at how far it was i decided that since i would be traveling out east this coming week it would be best to stay home and get some local riding in as well as some much needed work. i think i spent at least 3 hrs in the saddle today. i just rode easy and did some nice easy spinning with the sun on my back. who knows how long before i'll see that again. on my way home i stopped at the local park and burned a few laps on my cross course. it was awesome. snowy and muddy. i had to make sure i still knew how to ride cross for this coming weekend. yep i do. i can't believe that confrimed rider list for nationals. totally stacked. its fun to look at all the names that will be attending. trebon will be flying back from his recent european adventures. i think this is his year. its going to be just awesome watching these guys throw down.

Nys a bit happier today after his 2nd place on friday. now that is some belgiun beer!


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