Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jaarmarktcross Niel Belgium
Wellens wins

1. Bart Wellens
2. Lars Boom
3. Sven Nys
4. Richard Groenendaal
5. Erwin Vervecken
11. Sven Vanthourenhout!

wellens a stud in the mud

and it looked to be plenty muddy.

old man still kicking down strong


World Cup # 3

1. Lars Boom
2. Bart Wellens

Lars Boom throwing down in the world cup.


Blogger rachel said...

i love that picture of bart. it's nice to see a face like that at the finish. i'm so sick of seeing sven with his arms up and a smile on his face like he just got done throwing frisbee with his dog.

i also really love that the fidea kits have armpit vents. sweet.

7:35 PM  

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