Sunday, December 16, 2007

US national CX final

US nationals KC
Johnson Wins!

a very happy johnson

a muddy johnson getting someone else dirty

nasty wicks looking pretty nasty

schouten put in a absolute stellar race today

trebon down and out early in the race

leaving page and johnson to battle at the front. a small error with 1 1/2 to go by jonathan cost him the race.

start of the elite women

conditions were much different today

compton charging along in the lead to another win

yesterday was bitter. frozen trenches making navigation nearly impossible.

a last row start didn't help my chances in the frigid air

most bikes and bodies were fully coated with a nice layer of ice.

a cold walk back to the car marking the end to another domestic racing season for US cross.

one last bike wash before pack and ship.

the storm that hit yesterday moved quickly to the east covering the metro airport forcing us to stay another night. our flight was cancelled. stuck in KC. not too bad of a place to be. can't wait for next year.


Blogger Greg said...

Nice pics! That muddy someone Johnson is hugging above is Stu Thorne from

'Cross on!

4:43 PM  

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