Sunday, September 28, 2008

mad or crazy?

UCI Mad City Cyclo-Cross
Page takes back to back wins

not easy on day 2 though

Wells on hand - making an easy win for anyone else difficult. probably one of the nicest guys racing today.

wait a minute....thats Wells the second! rocking on day 2. never let mueller catch him. takes a bronze.

a fairly stacked front row

Schouten on hand....nursing wounds and wearing the belgian colors proud.

a few more races cheering for mates before heavy pedaling begins. too bad you didn't get that ti plate!

B matter on hand....setting heavy early tempos. fought back in style against the lalonde 1 - 2 punch!

Baker out with a chainring to the ankle....hurt so bad turned him into a blonde

Wells sr, Timmy J fresh from vegas and Wells jr trying to keep J Page off after a pit.

J page will have none if it and goes over the top again. opts for the pipistrello Dugast for these 2 dry days.

some guy in a pimp suit.


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